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January 20, 2008

Apes & Androids - Blood Moon

I don't think that you know what girls from the Midwest are all about... - from "Golden Prize"

I'm not going to lie. I'm sorta obsessed with this band. Last night, New York saw the release of Blood Moon, Apes & Androids' long-awaited debut album. A&A are a 5-piece band that is led by David Tobias and Brian Jacobs (CU alum, Neuroscience major!), the duo that was formerly Call Florence Pow. By far, A&A are one of the most unique bands that I've come across in awhile. Glam rock is back, better than ever.

The true beauty of A&A is that while they definitely have glam rock influences, I don't find their music to be predictable. The first A&A song I had heard was "Golden Prize." Immediately, I was reminded of Queen and I assumed the rest of their music would follow suit with the same operatic, dramatic, very complex feel. So, I was completely taken back when I heard "Nights of the Week," one of my favorite tracks off of Blood Moon. While the sound is distinctively A&A, it's still a little hard to believe that this mid-tempo song belongs to the same band. This band is definitely not a one-trick pony.

If you have the opportunity to see A&A, don't hesitate on your decision to go. There is a reason why every review of their shows insists that they are not to be missed. A&A is definitely one of the best live shows that I've ever seen. They pack the punch of Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes X 5, for each member of the band. Before last night's record release show, I looked around on youtube for videos of their performances. By chance, I came across the video below. For a show at the Knitting Factory, A&A collab'd with NYURI, NYU's Korean drum troupe, for their performance of "Hot Kathy." I was watching the video when I realized that I recognized one of the drummers. On this small island of Manhattan, he is a bar manager at PDT. Apparently, a co-bartender (who is also former college suitemate) was the drummer for Call Florence Pow and was a part of a Korean drum troupe. So, the collaboration was not as random as I had believed it to be.

Check out A&A's myspace. There are some great songs on there that I will not be able to post. You can purchase their album on iTunes or here.

I think it's safe to say that last night's performances were epic. The opening acts, Die Romantik and Sigmund Droid were both impressive and not to be missed. I will be blogging about them in the next couple days so come back to check them out.

We Don't Understand You - Apes & Androids

Radio - Apes & Androids

Nights of the Week - Apes & Androids

Riverside - Apes & Androids

Golden Prize - Apes & Androids

Apes & Androids


Anonymous said...

I was present at the Mercury show on January 19, so I will be curious to read your comments on Die Romantik's (DR) performance. I would certainly not lump DR together with Sigmund Droid (SD). Indeed, the only distinguishing feature of SD is that the band consists of only 2 instruments: drums and a bass. While they were reasonably tight, their sound was and is at best thumpy and monotonous.

By contrast, Die Romantik delivered the band's typically sensational performance, every single composition so artistically comprised of mood, melody and build, not to mention meaningful and occasionally mysterious lyrics. DR's music is sophisticated. And Dr's sound is BIG, if not HUGE, worthy of a giant venue, on a giant stage, flanked by walls of amps to deliver the intended enormous sound.

There was a lot of energy at the Mercury on Saturday. To be sure, A&A's show was striking. But DR's performance evidently wowed the packed room, and I am not sure which of those two performances--A&A or DR--more convincingly won the hearts of the audience.


Anonymous said...

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