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January 8, 2008

New Year's Eve with Yeasayer

Sorry, it's been awhile since my last post. Since the TMSR show, I went completely MIA due to finals and winter break. Now for some much needed updating...

Because I'm really really smart, I flew back to New York on December 31. The snow in Chicago delayed me for over two hours. The entire time I was waiting, I was worried that I would not get back in time to see Yeasayer that night. Yeasayer was performing at a myopenbar.com party in Williamsburg. So, I trekked my way to Shangri-la, which does not really look like a venue. The entrance is unmarked, and the door is actually at the back of the building. I think the place used to be an industrial factory of some sort. Although I was a bit worried by the venue, Yeasayer did indeed show up and I was not disappointed. The two guitarists have long hair and look like hippies. The lead singer was dressed like a prep in his corduroy blazer. I was skeptical, but the lead singer was amazing. He was dancing, stumbling around all over the stage. Was the "dancing" planned? No idea, but it was fun to watch. Coincidentally, Yeasayer is the perfect band for a New Year's Eve party. From the song "2080," the band sings, "It's a new year, I'm glad to be here, It's a fresh spring so let's sing."

I blogged about Yeasayer back in November. Since I first found about them, I've been dying to go to a show. There was a show in December at Mercury Lounge, but it sold out before I could buy tickets. So, yes, I was the girl in the front who went crazy over the music.

...Or maybe it was the free beer and vodka. I'm pretty sure I spilled beer all over my camera when I took the pictures above.

Enjoy the songs. Check out the old post for more. "Wait for the Summer" is perfect for an unseasonably warm day like today in New York. Also, you can check out their Daytrotter session here. Pitchfork also recently interviewed Anand Wilder, who wrote "Forgiveness."

Yeasayer has another two New York shows in February, and they will be supported by MGMT!

Wait for the Summer - Yeasayer

Forgiveness - Yeasayer

Sunrise - Yeasayer



Tohm on January 11, 2008 at 4:56 PM said...

awww...your blog is so cute.

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