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March 2, 2008

Tokyo Police Club Grows Up?

Since I downloaded "Nature of the Experiment" off Insound.com two years ago, Tokyo Police Club (TPC) has been one of my favorite bands. While I'm not into all garage-indie bands, TPC has a playfulness that I love. It's no wonder that they were up for the "Best New Artist" PLUG award last year. After I saw them perform at Mercury Lounge last year, I was sold for life. That explains why I have 40 TPC tracks on my iTunes, although they have only released only two EPs.

Thankfully, Elephant Shell, their first LP, will be released on April 22. You can check out the tracklist here. Our first peek at the LP is "In a Cave," which is a little different from the TPC that I'm used to. With each single, TPC's music has matured with more meaningful lyrics and polished sound. Perhaps this is due to influences from their new label, Saddle Creek? Anyway, while I'm a huge fan of the A Lesson in Crime stuff, I'm loving the new track. My favorite line is, "Elephant shell, you're my cave and I've been hiding out, will you tell me a little bit about, a bit about yourself." So, maybe I appreciate this new, more emo side of TPC. "Graves" and "Your English is Good" are also included on the upcoming LP.

Can't wait to see them in April! Luckily, I got tickets before they sold out. They just added a second Manhattan show, but that will probably sell out soon.

Who says nothing good comes from Canada? Lies, all lies.

In a Cave - Tokyo Police Club

Your English is Good - Tokyo Police Club

Graves (Daytrotter Session) - Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club


canvas prints on December 6, 2011 at 7:27 AM said...

Love TPC, I prefer Elephant shell to Champ I think, both still very good though.

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