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April 5, 2008

Dirty on Purpose - Mercury Lounge 04.04.08

Yes, that is a nipple on that bottle.

I first heard of Dirty on Purpose back in 2006 when they were on the line-up for The Village Voice's Siren Music Festival. Stars, one of my favorite bands, were co-headlining the festival with the Scissor Sisters, so I trekked my way down to Coney Island. However, I didn't get there early enough to catch Dirty on Purpose.

To be honest, the show didn't live up to my expectations. Mainly, the instrumentals were just way too loud, and the vocals were too soft. I really think everything could have sounded a lot cleaner instead of being so muddled. It's really a shame because some of their recorded stuff is quite good. Also, they didn't perform "Girls and Sunshine," which is by far my favorite Dirty on Purpose song. In fact, they didn't play any of their really old stuff from their debut EP, Sleep Late for a Better Tomorrow. Maybe my lack of excitement for the opening acts led me to become less enthusiastic about the headline. I thought I would be more appropriately rewarded for standing through a couple painful acts. All I have to say about the opening acts is that...having an experimental style does not mean you have to make music that sounds bad.

Dirty on Purpose recently released two EPs, Like Bees and Dead Volcanoes. Dead Volcanoes is available for free download at RCRDLBL.com.

These Days (?)
Light Pollution
Hard to Tell You
Always Looking
Marfa Lights
The Thing about Getaways
Ways to Drown
Canned Fumes

Girls and Sunshine

Hard to Tell You - Dirty on Purpose

Audience - Dirty on Purpose

Dirty On Purpose


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