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April 30, 2008

I'm like FAMOUS (but really I'm not because I was a poor plebeian with normal tickets at Coachella)

My name is Sarah, and I like to dance. I like to dance to good music and with people who like to dance. Dance with their eyes closed. Anyways, Mimi asked me to guest write on her blog, and I thought it was going to be a ghostwriting kind of a deal, which is all gravy because my writing sucks, despite my BA in English. But here's what I had drafted while bored at work and on the bus to work. I saved approximately four dollah bills today taking the bus in, but ruined my satin flats.

Coachella was awesome, and Andrew was the perfect person to go with. PERFECT. It makes me wonder who would be more fun to go see shows with- Mimi or Andrew.

:) p

It was an experience to say the least, but not as... grand as I had imagined, not nearly as big or overwhelming as I had expected, although I was rarely at the main stage.

A few disappointments:

Spank Rock never showed up - instead, Amanda Blank and two women did an insulting set, insulting to the audience because it was just unorganized and badly put together. When Amanda Blank messed up, she laughed it off and ran off stage instead of continuing. But Spank Rock is performing with MSTRKRFT at Hardfest.

MGMT - I know I really only like 2-3 songs of theirs. I don't think I gave enough of their songs a listen before going in expecting their entire set to sound like Kids or Electric Feel. I'll stick to the songs that I like.

M.I.A. was a huge disappointment. By no means was I expecting to be blown away, but I did want to experience her live. She's a little "ghetto," if you will, for my taste. I liked her earlier stuff, but quite a few songs feature a copious number of gunshots, to which the audience and crowd throw up their hands fashioned into guns. I'm just not kosher with that. Pumping those into the air to gunshots is not my idea of YAYNESS.

Chromeo was another disappointment. I've seen them a few times, the last at Neighborhood Fest in LA, which was a good performance. I don't know if they took the time to make a set list, but most likely not. It was almost as if they had come up on stage like they were going to have a jam session. I think the main dude is letting it get to his head that he's "made it," and now that he has he has the right to waste the time and money of people who have driven out to see him among other acts. He must have played a maximum of five songs.

Vampire Weekend. Wow. They really blew up. One of the largest crowds at the Outdoor Stage, given it was the first day and an afternoon. Ezra just doesn't have the energy or personality to hold an audience. They may be intelligent and talented musicians, but performers they are not.

This was definitely a weekend of surprises. Bands I wasn't expecting or anticipating were the most enjoyable.

Jack Johnson at night is weird. He's daytime listening, Malibu listening. I have several beach playlists with him on it. Well, I HAD playlists because my external harddrive decided to leave me. Every good man leaves me, with a big void and a huge chunk of history. Literally, all my photos ad music.

Fatboy Slim was awesome. I'm pretty sure Andrew was entertained by me. Floored by the light show. We sat at the back of the tent enjoying the crazy light fixtures and effects. But I digress, because the music was unbelievable. He was an awesome headliner.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings was a welcome break from the continuous chaos that is Coachella. Soulful, but energetic, Sharon Jones really infused the crowd with her rich voice. I sound like I'm writing a newspaper article.

Oh, and her unforgettable pinwheel.

Random note - being made a contributor on this blog kind of feels like being given a key to your boyfriend's place. No, it doesn't actually. I'm just flattered.

Diplo turned the speakers/bass in towards him, and I'd be lying if I didn't say that it scared me a little. I was scared for his ears. I was disappointed that he didn't do the Beatles song.

Cut Copy was absolutely unbelievable. This is when I first took off my shirt - which I didn't anticipate doing. I was jamming HARD.
The shows I enjoyed most I also remember least because i was so lost in my own world of dancing, beats thumping in my head, and interacting with other people around.


At one point, he did an awesome riff, sustained a high note for a good thirty seconds, covered his face with his arm, slowly lowered his arm, devilishly cast his eyes about the crowd, and then continued holding the tens of thousands of people in suspense. Andrew and I marveled at his control over the crowd. How do you have that many people scream your name on command? It's hard enough for me to get ONE person to scream my name.

I'm so glad we went to the main stage and decided to stay. Prince did have a long set, and he gave the crowd what they wanted. For a huge headliner, that's awesome. And his drummer was an older woman in a vibrant red jacket.

Oh, and the first thing I saw was his shiny outfit. All white. And custom heels, or so Andrew believes.

Yelle was so adorable. A few things stand out:
1) her shiny dress
2) her songs were fun and poppy, but start blending in
3) her Heidi Klum accent, e.g. "Ah you rehdee too dahnce Coechehhlaah?" "Do yoo wahnt too shehk yo bootee Coechehhlaah?"

Hot Chip - read Cut Copy, plus the international crew that joined in the dancing madness.

Bonde Do Role was amazing. The crowd kept spilling out of Gobi so we danced outside (I think it was Gobi).

Mark Ronson was good. I heard a few songs but again, it was dark and the outdoor theater, and it just wasn't engaging enough.

Justice. Wow. Suspense.
The intro was literally 2 minutes long. And you could never tell when he was going to end.

"We are your friends" went on for what seemed ten minutes. The entirety of Sahara and, probably, Coachella was jumping at one time or another. It definitely could have gotten dangerous in there.

Simian Mobile Disco was tons of fun - refer back to Hot Chip and Cut Copy.

Booka Shade was interesting.

Kid Sister was adorable. I convinced myself that I had found the orange leather flats she was wearing until Andrew shot me down. She started quite late after A Trak had a long set, and the soundboard cut her short. Well... she did start late so she went over her time.

Some afterthoughts:

There were soooo many Prius' in the lots of parking.

My favorite art installations:
Big Rig Jig
The robots that interact with people and voices and roam around the fields
The Tesla Coils

And my last note - do not go near the burgerrito. Such a bad idea.

Thanks to Mimi for faith in me, such blind faith, an everyday plebeian thrust into the limelight (limelight, aka www.madeablog.com)

Can you still title your blog "Look at me, I made a blog" if you've bought a domain name? I think not.


emily said...

i totally agree with your comment on Vampire Weekend, i was just never able to pinpoint what it was about them i saw them play at the virgin megastore the day their album came out their songs are good but they just lack that oomph that good showmen have

sunset canvas on February 23, 2012 at 11:16 AM said...

What a brilliant post, thanks a lot for sharing this.

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