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April 7, 2008

No Kids

You've got the Cool Kids, Black Kids, Kid Sister, Cold War Kids, and now...No Kids. I saw No Kids open for the Dodos at Mercury Lounge on April 6th, and there was something about their music that made an impression on me. I kinda dig the minimalist R&B feel of their songs; the "less is more" concept is lost on many bands nowadays. From Vancouver, No Kids are a trio that is so indie that they don't even have a Wikipedia entry (But, there is one on P:ano, a past project of the members). Yes, they are really awkward on-stage, but it's all endearing. Nick Krgovich plays everything with intensity, especially when he's striking the triangle.

You can purchase Come Into My House here at Insound.com. No Kids are currently on tour with Dirty Projectors.

Give them a listen!

For Halloween - No Kids

The Beaches All Closed - No Kids

Bluster in the Air - No Kids


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