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May 15, 2008

Cut Copy - Bowery Ballroom 05.14.08

I've been looking forward to this show since I missed them in March. I was smart to buy tickets immediately after the show was announced, because tickets sold out quickly and rightfully so. You can pretty much deduce from listening to the music that Cut Copy would put on a fun, energetic show. They do not disappoint.

Right before Cut Copy went on, I lost my right contact. So, I was pretty much blind for the entire set. Even though I couldn't see that well, the lights and music were still on my mind (hardy har har). The band kept encouraging the crowd to dance with them, and people actually uncrossed their arms and jumped around. I saw a few guys wearing 3D glasses. You can see the effect here. I may have pointed and laughed at them at the show but in retrospect, I wish I had a pair with me.

It seems like there is some controversy involving a possibly lip-synching lead singer. Did anyone notice that? I don't remember if the music sounded recorded, and I certainly could not see well enough to make out that detail.

Cut Copy played most of their new album, In Ghost Colours with a few old favorites from Bright Like Neon Love. When people were yelling out the names of songs, I obnoxiously yelled out, "PLAY THEM ALL!" The lead singer responded," Yes, we will play them all. Every single one." Or something to that effect. Alas, they lied. Still, I loved their selection of songs from Bright Like Neon Love, especially "Times Stands Still." I just wish they would have performed all of the new album, which is one of the most danceable records. Cut Copy doesn't even need any stage banter, which was very minimal. Their music and use of flashing lights is more than enough to get everyone's attention.

Time stands still when I think of you. I love cheesy 80's dance lyrics.

Out There On the Ice
Time Stands Still
So Haunted
Unforgettable Season
That Was Just a Dream
Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
Lights & Music
Hearts On Fire
Far Away

Check my past post for more songs.

Unforgettable Season - Cut Copy

Out There On the Ice - Cut Copy

Time Stands Still - Cut Copy

Cut Copy


emily said...


cut copy was really good. my thighs still burn from how good they were.


i just realized that sounds incredibly perverted.

my thighs burn from jumping so much.

Hiemann on May 17, 2008 at 4:51 PM said...

emily is a ho

i was hungover this morning... AND MOVED SHEIT FOR THE WHOLE DAY.

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