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July 10, 2008

Fleet Foxes - Bowery Ballroom 07.09.08

Yes, you probably get it by now. I REALLY like Fleet Foxes. After my blog post on the Sun Giant EP and my near verbal diarrhea (or truth, as I'd like to call it) about the last time they performed at Bowery Ballroom, it seems that I really like to talk about this band. Well, that's because they're awesome and their show tonight reiterated the fact.

I was so excited to see Fleet Foxes return to New York as a headlining act. So excited that I purchased tickets the week they went on sale, which turned out to be a good move on my part. Tickets sold out not too long ago for this show, and I saw tickets going for $50-60 a pop on Craigslist. Maybe it had to do with the Pitchfork review of the LP. But, you know, just a guess.

I arrived early, not too long after doors opened. Somehow, I had this feeling that people would be filling the venue early. Another good move. Before the opening act walked on-stage, the place was already half-packed. This is pretty much unheard of at Bowery Ballroom, but I guess the audience knew what was up; arrive early and snatch a good spot for the main act.

Like at the last Bowery show, Robin was ill. This time, I think he was even sicker. He was hacking away in between lines of song. Honestly, I had this look of grave concern on my face during the entire set. Robin announced that this would be the day that he would quit smoking. QUIT SMOKING??? ROBIN, WHY ARE YOU SMOKING IN THE FIRST PLACE??? I am completely flabbergasted. That voice needs maintenance and preservation. Robin, I think you made the right decision. The next time I see you perform, I don't want to see you coughing like you're going to die. In fact, it seemed like other members could have also been sick. A sick Fleet Foxes sounded amazing, but I'm curious to experience a healthy Fleet Foxes.

In the first picture above, you can catch a glimpse of Fleet Foxes' new member. When I first heard the news, I assumed that six people would be performing on stage. However, it seems that J. Tillman is taking over as the drummer for their current tour.

Like my friend said after the show, Fleet Foxes' music was meant to be experienced live. Do yourself a favor and check out this band. People have different opinions on Fleet Foxes' use of reverb on their recorded albums, but the live shows are simply good. I'm going to be completely sleep-deprived and exhausted at work tomorrow, but it was well worth it.

Setlist (I wrote it on my hand during the show, so I would appreciate a credit if you post it elsewhere)
Sun Giant
Sun Rises
Drops in the River
English House
White Winter Hymnal
Ragged Wood
Your Protector
Crayon Angels (Judee Sill Cover)
Oliver James
He Doesn't Know Why
Blue Ridge Mountains
Tiger Mountain Peasant Song

Video of Robin performing "Crayon Angels" on Black Cab Sessions

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Blue Ridge Mountains - Fleet Foxes

Tiger Mountain Peasant Song - Fleet Foxes

Your Protector - Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes


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