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August 11, 2008

Chromeo - All Points West 08.09.08

Photos courtesy of Riaz. If you find a picture of someone reading a newspaper magazine during the Kings of Leon set, that would be him. Please send the link my way!

One thing I learned from Chromeo's set was that the duo's name is Chromeo. They repeated their name so many times that it started to become a joke. Just to be annoying, I would ask, "Who is onstage again?" Yes, I may have a crush on Dave 1 and regret not taking any French classes with him, but I was not impressed with Chromeo's set at All Points West. I'm gonna have to agree with Sarah and say that they were a disappointment, even though Dave 1 reps CU. Chromeo was just not meant to play a huge outdoors venue at 2:30 pm, when the hot August sun is beating down on impatient Radiohead fans. I have to admit that it must have been rough for everyone that had been performing on the main stage, because the entire day was pretty much just a slow, (sometimes painful) waiting process for Radiohead fans. The music is pretty catchy, and I probably would have had a better time if I had seen them at night, in a smaller venue, with a few beverages.

Bonified Lovin' (Tough Guys) - Chromeo



sunset canvas on February 20, 2012 at 11:13 AM said...

Haha what a great look, loving this!

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