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September 5, 2008

Chairlift - Lit Lounge 09.05.08

NOTE: This post was taken down by Blogger and "Evident Utensil" was taken down by Divshare, supposedly due to a DMCA copyright infringement. The funny thing to me is that Chairlift's former indie label Kanine Records told me to share "Evident Utensil" since it was free. Sure enough, RCRDLBL is still hosting the song, and so is Kanine Records! I'm not sure how Chairlift can just "take back" a free download, but I guess this is what happens when a band moves on to bigger and better things. A shame, because I've been a big supporter for awhile.

Last night, 'Sup Magazine hosted Chairlift, Titus Andronicus, and Au Revoir Simone at Lit Lounge. If you don't know already, I'm absolutely crazy about Chairlift (read more here). NME agrees, naming "Planet Health" as a track of the week. Judging by the crowd last night, it's apparent that many people are showing Chairlift a lot of love. A few minutes before they went onstage, Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor walked through the door in a signature plaid shirt. I may have had a mini celebrity freak-out when I was standing right next to him during the Chairlift set. I also spotted Ira Wolf Tuton of Yeasayer, a labelmate and upcoming tourmate of Chairlift.

Chairlift's set was short with only 4 songs. They hadn't planned on performing "Planet Health" (WHAT???), but the crowd kept shouting it out, so they closed with it. I wish they had played all their songs, especially "Earwig Town," which is my current favorite.

This band is absolutely phenomenal live. They sound amazing, and even better than they do recorded. As I said before, Caroline's voice is incredible, and she could rival many of the popular female singers today. I'm pretty sure that we're going to be hearing a lot about Chairlift when Does You Inspire You is physically released on October 28.

Does You Inspire You is currently digitally available. It's an awesome album, and you would definitely be missing out if you haven't purchased it already. I was about to name my favorite tracks, but then I realized that I would be naming every single song on the album.

Stop, drop, and roll. Gotta stop, drop, and roll out the fire.


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