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September 22, 2008

Cut Copy/The Presets - Webster Hall 09.21.08

NOTE: Blogger somehow deleted this post for a second time. If I hadn't been trying to figure out when the last Cut Copy show was, I wouldn't have even noticed. Blogger, if you're going to take down one of my posts on purpose, please contact me when you do so.

The Presets

Cut Copy

Cut Copy & The Presets sold out a Sunday night show. Tickets were nearly impossible to purchase on Craigslist, unless you were clicking refresh every second. People got down on a Sunday night, and this is why I love this city. It's been a love/hate relationship ever since I was purposely elbowed in the face by a tall tranny around 14th St. & 3rd Ave (OINY), but, hey, maybe some compromises need to be made.

This was the first time I saw The Presets and pretty much the first time I heard their music beyond "This Boy's in Love." This Aussie duo packs more punch in their set than Hot Chip does (Figuratively, that is. I didn't leave with any significant bruising). When the drummer moved from his set and over to the other synth, I thought that people would start going crazy and losing it. I've said this about Hot Chip before, but I felt like I was in the Meatpacking District, an area I avoid like the plague. And, still, it was a lot of fun. Let's just say that The Presets made me believe that Carles aka HIPSTER RUNOFF may be right. The electrowar is coming/has begun. This electro music has the potential to drive people to violence.

If I had thought that people were losing all inhibition to the Presets... that was nothing compared to crowd's reaction to Cut Copy. During the set, while jumping around, I yelled over to my friend, "I feel like I'm at Girl Talk!" To that, some guy by me replied, "ME TOO!" Now, I wouldn't say Cut Copy is better than or on par with Girl Talk, which is by far the craziest, most fun dance act that I've ever been to. But, it was an experience to be a part of the crowd that was dancing/jumping like they just didn't care. It didn't matter if you were an obnoxious frat boy or a meek hipster girl. It didn't matter that this was New York City, where fun is not to be publicly displayed. There was dancing and a whole lot of sweating in the poorly ventilated nightmare that was Webster Hall. Cut Copy has come a long way from playing Mercury Lounge and Bowery Ballroom. I don't remember being this pumped at the last Bowery Ballroom show, but that may have been because I was half blind after losing my right contact.

If you had any doubt before, believe me when I say that the 80's are back, and they may be here to stay for awhile.

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Cut Copy and the Presets will be repeating their performance Monday night (tonight) at Webster Hall. They will also be DJing at the Meatpacking Apple store from 2-3:30 PM. To cap it off, Cut Copy and KIM of the Presets will be DJing at Santos Party House at the Official Afterparty. Jeez, do these guys sleep?? I guess electrowar soldiers don't need sleep.

Cut Copy Setlist (Thanks, Kyle!)
Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
Far Away
Time Stands Still
So Haunted
Unforgettable Season
Strangers in the Wind
That was Just a Dream
Feel the Love
Out There on the Ice
Lights & Music
Hearts on Fire


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