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September 5, 2008

Final Fantasy - Plays to Please EP

via INDIEchouette

Here's a preview of one of Final Fantasy's upcoming EP's. Plays to Please was written by Alex Lukashevsky of the band Deep Dark United. The pieces are performed by Final Fantasy, Andrew Bird, and 33 other members. Leave it to Final Fantasy to make indie kids listen to beautiful orchestral music and like it.

Plays to Please is full of classical American music influences. Many times, I was reminded of Aaron Copland. "Horsetail Feathers" is my favorite track, with its stunningly beautiful opener. "Nun or a Bawd" has memorable lyrics, and you can check out the original Deep Dark United version here.

Enjoy! Final Fantasy's other EP, Spectrum 14th Century is due September 30 and Plays to Please is due October 21.

Horsetail Feathers - Final Fantasy

Nun or a Bawd - Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy


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