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October 19, 2008

Ra Ra Riot - Music Hall of Williamsburg 10.17.08

I seriously need a camera with a functioning LCD screen or viewfinder

Even with sold-out shows at the Bowery and MHOW, Ra Ra Riot still delivers in the same way they did when I first saw them open for Tokyo Police Club back in April 2007. What immediately caught my attention back then was how much energy they brought to the small stage at Mercury Lounge, and the energy continues to be the reason why I see them. It is very apparent that RRR enjoy each other's company. They didn't even seem to be aware that there was an audience; they were just playing for the hell of it, and they sounded great. So many girly "I love you"'s were thrown out in between songs that I almost forgot where I was. I guess I shouldn't judge, but I like to keep my music crushes to myself. Or I mutter them under my breath, usually only for Fleet Foxes or Jonny Greenwood.

Off the new album, the emo-tastic "Can You Tell" is my current RRR favorite and is still on constant rotation. As MOKB pointed out in the band's breakdown of The Rhumb Line, the song has been reworked at least seven times over the last few years. I've posted two versions, one from the album and one from RRR's EP. Although the EP version is a great star-gazing interpretation, I personally prefer Wes' wispy vocals on the album version. He also had this very emo, contemplative look in his eyes during the performance. Très appropriate. This is probably as emo as I can get without disgusting myself.

Ra Ra Riot also played a new song, but I couldn't catch the name. Did anyone else?

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Can You Tell - Ra Ra Riot

Can You Tell (EP version) - Ra Ra Riot

Suspended in Gaffa - Ra Ra Riot

Ra Ra Riot


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