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October 14, 2008

Yelle - Webster Hall 10.14.08

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If the original Material Girl were French and actually feminine, she would be Yelle, a French electro-pop singer who will charm you by simply being herself. Unlike Madonna, Yelle didn't have prepared dance moves, nor did she descend onto the stage from a giant throne. She just did some fist pumps and jumped around with her hair flying around. Come to think of it, she sorta dances like me. But, of course, with more grace and charm.

I can't help but think that her being French is more than half of the charm. What is with les americains and our francophilia? Everything just seems to sound better in French. More cultured. Well, the irony of this, along with Yelle's innocent appearance, is demonstrated by the lyrics of "Je Veux Te Voir." For your education, you should probably click here for the English translation. "À cause des garçons" also has rather enlightening lyrics. Like I said, everything sounds better in French. If these songs were sung in English, I don't think they would work for me.

I need to find out how Yelle was able to get a huge crowd of New Yorkers to clap AND snap along with her. The woman is powerful. She somehow got me to dance without a care on a work night.

Je Veux Te Voir - Yelle

Ce Jeu - Yelle



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