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November 14, 2008

Little Joy - Mercury Lounge 11.13.08

There's been quite a bit of Little Joy coverage on here, especially since I put up a post on "Next Time Around" a few days ago. Like I said before, I don't think that Little Joy's music is mind-blowing in any way except that it simply puts me in a good mood. After hesitating to buy tickets to the Mercury Lounge show last week, I decided that I could use a bit of feel-good live music in my life. Thanks to Craigslist (and Noah), I managed to get a pair of tickets to the Mercury Lounge show at the last minute.

As this was their first show in New York, Little Joy was visibly nervous. Although they've been professional musicians for years, I guess a small venue in the Lower East Side can still refreshingly phase them. Fabrizio and Rodrigo both managed to knock over their beers within the first ten minutes of the show. As much as their past musical reputation has been used as a marketing tool for Little Joy, it was endearing that they didn't expect to ride on the Los Hermanos/the Strokes wave alone.

For the most part, I really enjoyed being at the Little Joy show and listening to the songs that have put a smile on my face the past few mornings. Musically, my only complaint was that Binki Shapiro's mic was turned down too low. She really has a fabulous voice, but I could barely hear her, even during her solos. Maybe it was because I was standing right in front of Fabrizio? Either way, it was such a shame that I couldn't hear her during her brief part in "Next Time Around." Also, I hadn't been to Mercury Lounge in about 8 months, and I'd forgotten how loud their system can be. My ears are still ringing from last night, and that makes me feel old.

So, I've been reading in other places that Albert Hammond, Jr was indeed at the show, along with Aggy. This leads me to conclude that, yes, the tall obnoxious photographer that was standing behind me was indeed Albert Hammond, Jr. The one who hit my head and shoulder multiple times with his lens. Yes, I may have snapped on him, but I don't think he heard me, unfortunately.

Check out my past post for more songs.

Play the Part
Shoulder to Shoulder
Brand New Start
Next Time Around
With Strangers
Don't Watch Me Dancing
How to Hang a Warhol
No One's Better Sake
New Song
Keep Me In Mind

Evaporar - Little Joy

Someone please put up the guitar tabs for this one

Brand New Start - Little Joy

With Strangers - Little Joy

Little Joy


Kanye West said...

u guys sound really good

all three quality songs

RosieLuvsWhitley on January 15, 2009 at 2:39 AM said...

Wish I could've been at the show - I like the simplicity of the music - Binky's voice is very cute and poetic... Side note: she performed on the Carson Daly show last week and wore one of our dresses. :)


mimi on January 15, 2009 at 9:23 PM said...

that's awesome! she has very cute style

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