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February 20, 2008

The Return of the Kooks

Just a short update.

FINALLY, a new Kooks album. Konk will be released on April 14. Until the album is leaked, I will be googling it every day. A part of me really regrets not going to their show last week at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. But, then again, it was snowing hard and I was sick as hell. Also, I remember the last NYC Kooks show as being packed with underagers which, no offense, really turns off an aging gal like me. Check out brooklynvegan's review of the show and pics here.

Also watched their Conan performance today. Normally, I find bands to be really boring when they perform on TV. No, they are beyond boring. LIFELESS is more accurate. Anyway, I was surprised by the Kooks' performance. Luke Pritchard managed to pack a punch without looking like a tool.

Check out their latest single, "Always Where I Need To Be." God, this song is addicting. Also, enjoy some old tracks off Inside In/Inside Out.

Always Where I Need To Be - The Kooks

She Moves in Her Own Way - The Kooks

Eddie's Gun - The Kooks

The Kooks


February 11, 2008

Thao with The Get Down Stay Down

For whatever reason, I am not really a fan of female artists/vocalists, with the exception of Cat Power. So, I was skeptical when
a friend (Thanks, David!) introduced me to We Brave Bee Stings and All, the latest Thao album. However, I trust my friend's tastes in music so I checked out their myspace. And now, I am completely hooked.

A singer/songwriter from Virginia, Thao Nguyen is backed by The Get Down Stay Down, a 3-piece band. Maybe it's because they're not from Brooklyn, but Thao with The Get Down Stay Down is surprisingly refreshing. The Midwestern girl in me cannot resist the charm of the banjo. Some of the songs off We Brave Bee Stings and All are a little too poppy for my tastes (i.e. "Bag of Hammers"), but "Swimming Pools" is definitely the highlight of the album. Can you ever have too much banjo? No, you can't, and that's why I love that song.

Thao with The Get Down Stay Down is currently on tour in the U.S. Check out the dates here. If I had known about them a week earlier, I could have seen them at the Knitting Factory. But, alas, I missed them. Thankfully, they're coming back on March 23 (Music Hall of Williamsburg).

So after saying I didn't really like female artists/vocalists and that Feist is completely overrated, I stumbled upon this pleasant surprise. Just enough to change my mind about female artists...but not about Feist.

***At the request of Thao's record label, Kill Rock Stars, I've taken down the posted songs. Instead, I've put up some songs from Thao's Daytrotter session. Check out Thao's myspace and my most recent post on Thao for more music.

Geography (Daytrotter) - Thao with The Get Down Stay Down

Feet Asleep (Daytrotter) - Thao with The Get Down Stay Down



February 10, 2008

Hot Chip - Made In the Dark

This is the best time to blog...4 AM after a Saturday night. Anyway, everyone is blogging about Hot Chip's new album so I might as well put in my 2 cents. I'll keep it short and sweet.

Hot Chip played a show here last week and I just didn't get the hype. I mean, I possibly still don't understand. All I know now is that I keep on listening to "Ready for the Floor," and I keep on watching the video. Catchy? Hell yes. Catchy enough to want to see them live in April when they return to NYC. Also, I am very intrigued by brooklynvegan's review of the Hot Chip show. Apparently, the show was "perfect." If that truly is the case, I will probably make it out to the infamously terrible venue that is Terminal 5.

I first heard Hot Chip when they were out with their ridiculously addicting single, "Over and Over." And, honestly, Made In the Dark doesn't have another "Over and Over" on its tracklist. However, the new album is definitely repeatable. Overall, I think that Made In the Dark is a better album in that I am able to put more than a few tracks on repeat. Therefore, the entire album leaves a more lasting impression on me. While The Warning had some great singles, I found myself not wanting to listen to the rest of the album.

So does it bother me that I listen to Hot Chip on my ipod, only to hear the same songs when I walk into Urban Outfitters? I'll excuse it this time.

Also, are we really surprised by Pitchfork's review? Oh, Pitchfork. How I still read you, even though you are quite absurd at times.

Check out Hot Chip when they come to Terminal 5 on April 12.

Sorry, the Hot Chip songs got taken down. Check out their myspace. Don't miss "Bendable Poseable."

Hot Chip


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