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January 26, 2009

Andrew Bird - MHOW 01.26.09

Absolutely stunning. Andrew Bird is a true virtuoso. Not only is he a phenomenal violinist, in both the classical and experimental senses, he's also made whistling into an art form. Seriously, I feel like he could win some prestigious whistling competitions, if they exist.

Even before the show tonight, I had a little music-crush on Andrew Bird. I've unavoidably picked up some bio facts on him since his name is everywhere. We're both from Illinois, an awesome state in the Midwest (No Blago puns, please). We both started training in the Suzuki method when we were four, respectively, and both on stringed instruments (Piano for me). But, that's where the similarities end. Andrew Bird is a remarkable composer and musician, and I never made it that far on classical piano. Andrew is so talented that it's almost unfair. It's unfair that one man can play something in such a way that I'm left completely defenseless against my own emotions. But, I guess that's what we call music-love. As always, I am a sucker for beautiful string arrangements.

I didn’t really know what to expect from Andrew Bird’s live act, but M. assured me that it would be amazing. While I wasn’t sure how it would all come together, I knew there would be whistling and strings, both signatures of Andrew Bird. What I wasn’t prepared for was the insanely beautiful moments that Bird created with only his violin and loop pedals. They were the seconds that reaffirmed my belief that music has the power to change one’s outlook on life. During the instrumental break in “Masterswarm,” one of my favorite songs off Noble Beast, I couldn’t help but smile. Combining impressionist music elements with equally impressionistic lyrics, Andrew Bird has concocted songs that appeal to the geekiest of music geeks, the kind that have Maurice Ravel and C.T. Griffes along with Radiohead in their music collection. I wish he would do a small secret show where he performs without his backing band.

After an incredible night of music, I returned home to see that Beirut played a last-minute show at Coco66. I'm feeling some serious heartbreak right now, so someone please tell me that the show was as bad as comments on brooklynvegan are recounting.

At least there will be snacks. All kinds of snacks.

Andrew Bird performs on Letterman tonight. He will be performing a sold-out show at Carnegie Hall tomorrow.

Noble Beast/Useless Creatures is currently available for purchase. Amazon suggests that you buy it with the new Animal Collective and Antony & the Johnsons.

The thing in the background is a spinning double horn.

Masterswarm - Andrew Bird | Alternative Link

Andrew Bird


McG on January 27, 2009 at 7:29 AM said...

beirut show was farrrrrrr from the way its being described by douchey BV commenters. jovial evening of musical revelry. drunk, yes. but isn't that how live music is supposed to be?

mimi on January 27, 2009 at 11:26 AM said...

i'm a little bummed that i missed it, but at least it wasn't a once in a lifetime show where zach condon decided to play all of the joys of losing weight. or owen pallett/ed droste showed up for an impromptu performance of "cliquot." just some silly indie dreams of mine.

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