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January 14, 2009

NewVillager - "Rich Doors"

via twosyllable records

Judging by my latest obsessions of Animal Collective and Here We Go Magic, it seems that the joy of repetition really is in me. And, NewVillager's "Rich Doors," the newest song that I've been playing for the past few days, also follows this pattern. At first, the stomping beats and claps of the intro made me think that I was listening Queen's "We Will Rock You," so I was in for a pleasant surprise when the song transformed into something completely different. It is pretty rare for me to like a song nearly instantaneously, but I was completely hooked after listening to the first thirty seconds. "Rich Doors" has an immediate pop accessibility, and it's intriguing enough to hold my attention. Although there is a lot of repetition, there are a lot of elements at work in the song. With subtlety, NewVillager introduces new layers of sound, weaving them in and out as the track progresses. I can almost picture the guys working on this song on a laptop in a vegan cafe, as they describe on their blog.

Based out of California and Brooklyn, NewVillager is Ben Bromley and Ross Simonini. According to twosyllable records, they are two friends who brought together their multi-instrumental talents. Apparently, they're also awesome at production because I really dig how "Rich Doors" comes together. For now, NewVillager only has one scheduled upcoming show in San Francisco, but I'm hoping they'll make an appearance in Brooklyn soon.

Pre-order NewVillager's Rich Doors 7" here. It will be released on January 27. Listen to "Genghis On" here, and follow them on their blog. I can't wait to hear more from this band and see how their live act works.

Thanks to My Old Kentucky Blog for introducing me to this song. Props to you if you "get" the first line of this post.

Rich Doors - NewVillage


Anonymous said...

Gotta love Hot Chip

mimi on January 15, 2009 at 8:45 PM said...

good call

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