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September 28, 2009

Makeout Videotape - Mercury Lounge 09.27.09

Can't get enough of glorious lo-fi garage pop? Sick of all the fuzz? Regardless of what camp you're in, I strongly urge you to listen to Makeout Videotape right now. During my search for awesome new bands to cover for Standing Room/Standing Around, I saw that Makeout Videotape had been touring with Japandroids, my favorite act from Pitchfork Music Festival '09. One play of "I Guess The Lord Is In New York" on their MySpace was all it took for me to be hooked. It should be a crime to write songs that are this catchy. I've definitely caught myself singing some Makeout Videotape while walking around, and no one should be subjected to my singing.

Like Japandroids, Makeout Videotape is a two-piece hailing from Vancouver, and they're apparently signed onto the same Canadian label. According to BeatRoute Magazine, singer and guitarist Mac DeMarco recently finished high school, and I would assume that it's the same case for drummer Alex Calder. But, don't expect Makeout Videotape to sound like a typical high school garage band. If anything, Makeout Videotape only show their age through their genuinely easy-going nature, which I find to be a captivating characteristic for any band.

Most (if not all) of Makeout Videotape's infectious songs clock in under three minutes, so they got through quite a bit of material during their set, including a "cover" of Nirvana's "Come As You Are." Mac confessed that he didn't know all the words to the song, and sure enough he had to scat sing most of it. But, the crowd loved it anyway because he did a killer impression of Kurt Cobain. They promised to actually learn that one for the next time they're in NYC. Someone book this band so that they're back soon!

For now, Makeout Videotape has Heat Wave! EPs for sale on CD-R, and Mac was really nice to hook me up with one. I'm sharing some of those tracks with you, so enjoy! Live tracks from this show coming soon on Standing Room/Standing Around. Also, look out for Makeout Videotape's forthcoming 7". You'll have to go to a Makeout Videotape show yourself to find out why Japandroids called them the most eligible bachelors currently in New York City.

I Guess The Lord Is In New York - Makeout Videotape

Heat Wave - Makeout Videotape

Slush Puppy Love - Makeout Videotape


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