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July 15, 2010

Candy Claws - Glasslands Gallery 07.14.10

Glasslands Gallery must be one of the hottest venues right now. Seriously, the place doesn't have any air conditioning. I'm used to living without A/C, but those who aren't should mentally prepare themselves before entering. A sweltering room isn't ideal for most acts, but I felt like it worked for Candy Claws. The heat-induced delirium almost seemed like an intentional addition to their hazy musical dreamscapes.

Originally a duo, Candy Claws has now expanded to include eight members for their live shows. I would guess that the median age of the band is around 20, making this another band that reminds me of how little I've accomplished in my life thus far. Candy Claws recently lost their gear in a scary car fire, but they are trekking on with their tour.

Even with makeshift, borrowed gear, Candy Claws was able to create an eerie, ethereal atmosphere, walking the line between dream and nightmare. This isn't a dream where bunnies and teddy bears frolic together in a green meadow under a rainbow. Rather, their music also captures elements of confusion and anxiety, resulting in a complex view of what happens when we close our eyes for the night. I think that it's rare to find transportive music, and Candy Claws continues to impress me with their ability to paint another world with their sounds. I highly recommend that you check them out if they're passing through your town.

Candy Claws' second album Hidden Lands will be released on August 3 and can be pre-ordered at twosyllable records. Apparently, the album is a musical companion to Richard M Ketchum's book, The Secret Life of the Forest.

Silent Time of Earth - Candy Claws


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